First, Ask 'Why?'

By: Sarah Wisniewski

A Wealth of Mental Health Resources

WELLWVU pilots new therapies for students

The Carruth Center is the mental health component of WELLWVU, the student health service at WVU. The center is accredited by the International Association of Counseling Services and provides a full range of psychological and psychiatric clinical services to full- and part-time undergraduate, graduate, and professional students.

By: Danielle Conaway; Photos by Bob Beverly

Unlocking the Mysteries of the Mind

Portable PET helmet captures images of the human brain in motion

Julie Brefczynski-Lewis, PhD, is part of a collaborative team of scientists using a portable brain scanner to study the human brain in motion. She is the lead neuroscientist of the WVU team in the BRAIN Initiative (Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies), launched by President Obama in 2013 as a national effort to equip researchers with the fundamental support necessary for treating a wide variety of brain disorders.

By: April Henry; Photos by Autumn Hill

Sober Mothers

Intervention aids pregnant women with opioid addiction

Chestnut Ridge Center treats five groups of pregnant women or women who have recently delivered, with 10-12 outpatients in each, for opioid dependence. The WVU Department of Behavioral Medicine uses an interdisciplinary approach, collaborating with representatives from obstetrics, pediatrics, lactation, and pharmacy to improve patient care.

By: Danielle Conaway

A Life Worth Living

Combining psychiatry and mindfulness to help patients avoid suicide

A team at WVU Physicians of Charleston offers the only outpatient treatment program for dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) in West Virginia. The concepts of dialectical behavior therapy originate in the Buddhist tradition but have found wide use among psychiatrists and therapists across many cultures.

By: Leigh Limerick

Reaching Out

WVU’s telepsychiatry community partners build deep connections

West Virginia’s demand for high quality mental health services outpaces the number of providers and hours in the day. While this scenario is common across the United States, the Mountain State’s geography and population distribution presents unique challenges. The telepsychiatry program at WVU Healthcare’s Chestnut Ridge Center is a growing program that's building deep connections in communities across the state daily.