Chancellor's Message

By: Danielle Conaway; Photos submitted by Aaron Santmyire

Going the Distance

Missionary in Madagascar completes WVU nursing degree from afar

Aaron Santmyire, of Wiley Ford, West Virginia, has lived in Madagascar since 2007 working as a nurse practitioner, a missionary, and a health educator.

By: April Henry; Photos by Bob Beverly

Rapid Results

Research team targets agents that cause wound infections

When a soldier is suffering from an infection, he wants to begin the diagnosis and treatment processes immediately. But current methods take several days to confirm infection, leaving healthcare providers with limited and less-than-ideal options. A team of West Virginia University scientists, however, is working on a way to quickly detect agents that cause would infections, as a way to serve those brave men and women who serve in the US armed forces.

By: Danielle Conaway; Photos by Autumn Hill and Bob Beverly

Alternative Medicine, Extraordinary Results

Physician combats chronic pain with acupuncture

Every Tuesday at the Clark K. Sleeth Family Medicine Center, 16-20 patients are treated with medical acupuncture by family medicine physician Kendra Unger, MD. “I think people like that the university is offering something different that they can’t really get anywhere else. There are other acupuncturists in the area, but none of them are medical acupuncturists,” Unger said.

By: Dan Shrensky; Photos by Autumn Hill

Demystifying Dental Phobias

Study eases fears, helps participants receive care that is necessary

Like the pursuit of a cure for the common cold, Daniel W. McNeil, PhD, has set his sights on finding a remedy for a problem that is not likely to go away any time soon.

By: Tara Scatterday; Photos by Bob Beverly, Autumn Hill, and Alicia Stanton

Difficult Decisions, Compassionate Care

Pediatric supportive care team gives guidance to families

The close-knit team works with children and families who have been diagnosed with a life-limiting disease or illness such as cancer or cystic fibrosis. They provide children with comprehensive treatment of the discomfort, symptoms, and stress of serious illness. They also provide bereavement support when a loss is suffered.

By: Marissa Sura; Photos by Michele Wengryn and Erin Irwin

Beat the Clock

Nursing professor’s discoveries could be a boost for stroke patients

When a stroke occurs, the horn blows, the clock starts, and the race is on. Within minutes, brain cells can begin to die. It happens quickly, but the damage is lasting.

By: Kevin Hamric; Photos by Joey Stevenson

Recipe for Good Health

Medical students gain more tools to help patients be well

The MedCHEFS program at WVU Eastern Division is breaking new ground by emphasizing nutrition and exercise in interactions between medical doctors and patients. The Medical Curriculum in Health Exercise and Food Sciences (MedCHEF) provides medical students with effective tools to help them change health problems like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease which are most common in West Virginia.

By: Tara Scatterday; Photos by Bob Beverly

A Brighter Future for Clinical Education

WV STEPS Center receives generous gift to expand

At first glance, the exam rooms are identical to what you would see in any typical hospital. Equipment is set up the same fashion. Monitors display what appears to be actual patient data. Staff is dressed in hospital scrubs, and the hallways are bustling with activity and commotion. It isn’t until you look more closely at the patient’s bed that you realize it’s not actually a person who is being treated. Rather, it’s a manikin.

By: Bill Case

Crucial Resource

Testing center for generic drugs aids students and consumers

Generic drugs save consumers and insurers billions of dollars a year. But before they make it to market, their manufacturers must prove to the Food and Drug Administration that their products are equally safe and effective as the branded medicines they will replace. Part of that process requires independent testing on healthy human volunteers.

Q & A with Gregory A. Hand

First permanent dean leads WVU School of Public Health

Dr. Hand became the school’s first permanent leader this summer.