Chancellor's Message

By: Danielle Conaway, Photos: Bob Beverly and Autumn Hill

Why is Black Lung Back?

WVU expert says prevention work in mines is crucial

About 10 years ago, Edward Petsonk, MD, began to examine coal miners’ lung x-rays for the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. An occupational lung disease specialist since 1979 and a WVU Pulmonary and Critical Care faculty member, Dr. Petsonk figured there shouldn’t be any more black lung disease because of laws in place for decades to protect coal miners.

By: Bill Case, Photos: Bob Beverly and Autumn Hill

Medical Home

Team approach puts focus on staying well

One Sunday early this year, Elaine Markley opened her mouth to sing at the Tygart Valley Presbyterian Church in Huttonsville, West Virginia, but no words came out. “I couldn’t get my breath to sing,” she said. “By Monday night, I was in the emergency room in Elkins, and they sent me straight to Morgantown.” Read more >>

By: April Henry, Photos: Tyler Crowe and April Henry

Communicate, Connect, Treat

WVU Health Sciences Center students learn to care for diverse populations

Well-rounded. Accepting. Approachable. Understanding. Passionate. These are the words WVU Health Sciences Center students use to describe the kind of healthcare providers they want to be in the future. And thanks to the thread of diversity weaving throughout all educational programs, students believe they are on their way to fulfilling those expectations.

By: Angela Jones-Knopf, Photos: Bob Beverly, Angela Jones-Knopf, and Autumn Hill

Practice What They Preach

Pharmacy, medicine, and dentistry students become their own first patients

Patricia Chase, PhD, the Gates Wigner Dean of the WVU School of Pharmacy, holds a quote often attributed to Gandhi near and dear to her heart: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

By: Kevin Hamric, Photos: Bob Beverly and Autumn Hill

Diet and Exercise

Using diet as preventive medicine

The way people think about food could save their lives. Instead of planning a diet only on how it pleases the palate, it’s important to consider how eating the right way can prevent disease and promote good health.

By: Amy Johns, Photos: Tonia Fullen

'A Win-Win-Win Situation'

Father and daughter provide one-of-a-kind services to Union

In 1974, when Mark Kilcollin, DDS, was fresh out of the WVU School of Dentistry, he decided to set up a practice in rural Union, West Virginia. Monroe County, population 12,000, in the southeastern corner of the state, had not had a dentist for about 10 years and patients had to travel many miles for dental care. So Dr. Kilcollin, a Charleston native, decided it was his way to serve his home state.

By: Ashley Thomas, Photos: Autumn Hill

Tobacco Free, Happier and Healthier

Lung cancer screening, tobacco cessation programs help save lives

Lung cancer. Despite having a 40-year smoking history, it was still a diagnosis that 61-year-old Larry West wasn’t expecting.

By: Leigh Limerick, Photos: Brian Persinger

Southern West Virginia Lifestyles Project

Neighbors helping neighbors improve community health

The town of Mullens, West Virginia, lies nestled along the banks of the scenic Guyandotte River in the heart of Wyoming County – one of the unhealthiest areas in the United States.